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Registered users participating in its User Deal Post feature agree to have certain Personal Information posted on the WALLDIRECTORY website and service and the Platforms (as defined in the WALLDIRECTORY Deal Submission Service Agreement) or, if such feature is offered in connection with a Co-Branded Partner, on its Co-Branded Partner’s website in connection with the display of the user’s deal. Registered users that post deals may also be required to submit additional Personal Information.

WALLDIRECTORY reserves the right to deny access, use and registration privileges to any user, including, without limitation, a registered user of any services, features or functions of the WALLDIRECTORY website and service, if WALLDIRECTORY believes there is a question about the identity of the person trying to access any services, features or functions of the WALLDIRECTORY website and service. If the burden or expense of providing access to your Personal Information is disproportionate to the risks to your privacy, or if the legitimate rights of others would be violated, WALLDIRECTORY may decide not to provide access to such information. In such cases, WALLDIRECTORY will provide to you an explanation of why access cannot be provided and a contact person for further inquiries. Your continued participation of the WALLDIRECTORY website and service indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and of the collection, use, disclosure, management and storage of your Personal Information as described below. WALLDIRECTORY may, from time to time, transfer or merge any Personal Information collected off-line to our online databases or store off-line information in an electronic format. WALLDIRECTORY may also combine Personal Information WALLDIRECTORY collects online with information available from other sources, including information received from its Affiliates, marketing companies, or Advertisers (as defined in our Terms of Use). This Privacy Policy covers all such Personal Information and will remain in full force and effect as long as you are a user of the WALLDIRECTORY website and service, even if your use of or participation in any particular service, feature, function or promotional activity terminates, expires, ceases, is suspended or deactivated for any reason.

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