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Wall Directory is an online marketplace for shoppers to find coupons, get deals, and attend events offered by local businesses. A great place to review, engage, and link to local business website pages and their social media. Choose from 15 categories of businesses, from auto and entertainment to legal and medical.

  • Looking for a deal, we have current promotions for you!
  • Save money on all your favorite goods and services with our coupons listing!
  • Get access to all the best local events, too!

Wall Directory is your one-stop shop to everything local in your area. We are a comprehensive business directory that puts you in touch with businesses that serve YOU in YOUR town. Where else can you connect with the businesses, deals, and events that matter to you?


Have a business? Wall Directory is also a business networking resource to find customers, get reviews, generate traffic to your website, promote your online deals, and advertise your upcoming events with local customers.

  • Share your business website with potential customers!
  • Engage customers with deals, coupons, and promotions to find you!
  • Get access to all the best local events, too!

Generate new business by making your brand easy to find for the target demographic in your area. Sell goods and services, request Facebook and Twitter followers, or ask happy customers to write reviews. Wall Directory provides you with a growing network of interested consumers who are looking for YOU and YOUR business. Where else can you get all of these benefits for free?

Wall Directory began in November 2009 as a fun and interactive online networking directory to help local businesses meet local customers. Today, we continue to grow and make changes that meet the online trends of the times.



With a simple to use platform, Wall Directory will quickly become your best online marketplace to find what you need quickly and efficiently. If you are a customer, just search for what you want and Wall Directory will match you to local businesses that offer the best goods and services. If you’re a business owner, you can connect with interested customers and expand your small business networking relationships.

And if you do own a business, why not find the plan that works for you on our Add a Business page?

Wall Directory has a whole section devoted to businesses, where you can reach customers by engaging them with all of the top social media, boosting traffic to your business website, and adding deals and promotions for your goods, services, and events. Choose from four convenient packages at all price points to address your needs and budget.


Ideal for the small business startup, the Basic package offers 3 months of dedicated business pages with no competitor advertising, over 60 promotional pages to use for your call to action strategies, link building, and more!


Offering all of the perks from the Basic package, the Professional package provides 6 consistent months of lead generation and advertising opportunities to upgrade your marketing plan and bring your business to the next level.


With 12 months of dedicated business tools, the Enterprise package gives business owners a generous discount and access to all of the benefits for reaching, engaging, selling, and promoting to your local customers for a full year.


The FREE package is our most popular package for new users who want to explore Wall Directory and see results without upgrading yet. You receive a dedicated business page, link building, and 4 call to action promotions.

Claim your business and support local businesses all in one place! So, come be a part of our growing business directory. Or search as a consumer.

Whatever you need, we can help. Choose Wall Directory today!


Wall Directory provides customers with a reliable and verified business directory, featuring relevant, local goods and services in our local link network. Our businesses benefit from a dedicated business page that has been verified to a local address by our Wall Directory team.


For an online marketplace, being able to add website links to your business and business blogs is essential. At Wall Directory, you can setup your profile to feature all of the most important links that represent your business website and social media.


Many business owners struggle to connect effectively with their customers on social media. There are so many popular platforms these days and it is hard to keep up with the best social networking profiles. Wall Directory gives you the ability to highlight your social media right on your business page, allowing customers to find you, like you, follow you, and review you right away.


Being able to work a marketing plan is important for any business, whether a startup or a well-established enterprise. Wall Directory gives business owners the power and control to setup anywhere from 4 to 60 promotions, enticing customers to buy, click, follow, review, attend, and more!


Organic traffic means that a customer who is looking for what you have to offer finds you through a simple search. Wall Directory provides a specialized funnel for local customers to find local businesses that are selling the goods and services they need right now. With your business page and link building, your organic traffic numbers will increase without having to pay for ads.


To generate online leads, Wall Directory relies on a simple organic formula of connecting an interested customer with a verified business. Through completing a business profile and optimizing your dedicated business page, you’re able to generate new leads who are interested in your deals, coupons, sales, and events.


Wall Directory provides customers with easy access to local businesses using an online directory and online marketplace structure.


Featuring local businesses in the USA by state makes finding the right match quick and easy. Efficient searches connect customers to the businesses that meet their needs in their immediate area. Wall Directory supports small businesses and large corporations alike, making it effortless to find local goods and services.


Develop brand awareness and improve search engine rank with Wall Directory link building. Through relevant blogs and dedicated business pages, our online business directory creates an attractive network of information associated with your business.


They say that there is nothing more important in marketing than your marketing plan. Wall Directory makes it easy to check off marketing basics from your list of favorite marketing strategies. From SEO content to social media, we’ve got you covered!


With a combination of keyword strategies and quality content, Wall Directory provides search engine optimization to all businesses in our online directory.

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