Content Policy

WallDirectory is committed to providing the best online Photo editing services along with fair and consistent policies that benefit our customers, partners and WallDirectory. In order to do this, we maintain strict standards for projects submitted through the web site. The policies listed below complement our Terms of Use and describe WallDirectory’s policies with regards to its services and commitments. This policy applies to all kinds of media in any format submitted through the website: photos, Photos,music, etc. Application of our policies will always involve an element of discretion. We reserve the right at any time to reject or approve any content. As noted in our Terms of Use and our Photo & Media Submission Agreement, you represent and warrant that your submission complies with all applicable laws.

Anti & Violence

Submission is not permitted for content promoting violence or advocating against a protected group. A protected group is distinguished by their: Race or ethnic origin Color National origin Religion Disability Sex Age Veteran status Sexual orientation/Gender identity Submission is not permitted for content advocating against any organization or person (public, private, or protected). Stating disagreement with or campaigning against a candidate for public office, a political party or public administration is generally permissible.

Alcohol, Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia

Submission is not permitted for content containing certain drugs and drug paraphernalia including alcoholic beverages.

Fake Documents

Submission is not permitted for content containing how-to instructions for creating fake documents such as fake IDs, passports, social security cards, immigration papers, diplomas, and noble titles.


Devices Submission is not permitted for content containing how-to instructions for making fireworks and pyrotechnic devices.

Copyright Infringement

Submission is not permitted for content promoting hacking or cracking tools that aid in copyright infringement.


Submission is not permitted for content promoting prostitution.

Sexual Content (Adult)

Submission is not permitted for sexually explicit content including content promoting child pornography, any sexually suggestive content involving children, or other non-consensual material. Prohibited content also includes teen pornography or other pornography that contains models who might be underage.

Tobacco & Cigarettes

Submission is not permitted for content promoting the sale of tobacco or tobacco-related products such as cigarettes, cigars, tobacco pipes, or rolling papers..


Submission is not permitted for content containing certain weapons, such as firearms, firearm components, ammunition, balisongs, butterfly knives, and brass knuckles.. 1. Registration You shall submit a registration and application (the “Application Package”).

You represent and warrant that all information in the Application Package is true and accurate. WallDirectory’s review and acceptance of Your Application Package shall be at its sole discretion. If accepted, You shall become familiar with WallDirectory’s platform, process and guidelines for the performance of Projects and interaction with WallDirectory and WallDirectory’s customers (each a “Customer”).. WALLDIRECTORY ELECTRONICALLY. YOUR AFFIRMATIVE ACT OF SUBMITTING YOUR REGISTRATION INFORMATION AND/OR CONTENT CONSTITUTES YOUR SIGNATURE TO THIS AGREEMENT. THIS AGREEMENT SHALL HAVE THE SAME FORCE AND EFFECT AS AN AGREEMENT IN WRITING. YOU FURTHER AGREE TO RECEIVE ALL REQUIRED NOTICES FROM WALLDIRECTORY ELECTRONICALLY. WALLDIRECTORY MAY PROVIDE NOTICES TO YOU ELECTRONICALLY (1) VIA E-MAIL, (2) VIA POSTING THE NOTICE ON A WEBSITE DESIGNATED BY WALLDIRECTORY FOR THIS PURPOSE, AND/OR (3) VIA A PROJECT PAGE. . The delivery of any Notice is effective when sent or posted by us, regardless of whether You read the Notice or actually receive delivery.

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