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Phlebotomy Practice Kit and IV Practice Kit for Nurses and Other Medical Professionals - Practice an

Price: $110.00

about this item:

  • GET A TRUE TO LIFE EXPERIENCE — This venipuncture practice kit will leave you feeling like you're treating a real patient. You'll get a phlebotomy arm that feels real to the touch, has accurate venous anatomy, provides a give-feel upon entering the vein, and a red flash / flashback.
  • GAIN EXPERIENCE & CONFIDENCE — You’ll get an IV start kit that helps you develop muscle memory and master techniques for successful needle insertions. Through realistic practice you’ll build up your confidence and feel less anxious when working on real people.
  • EXPERIENCED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS TEACH YOU VENIPUNCTURE — The phlebotomy & iv kit includes a professional online training course tailored for healthcare professionals. It includes 30 practical projects with step-by-step video tutorials covering a range of skills such as placing IV lines, mastering phlebotomy procedures, giving injections, and drawing blood. Additionally, it addresses handling complications of venipuncture and provides information on handling specimens other than blood. This internationally accredited training is comprehensive and designed to teach you essential clinical skills.

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