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A Look into the Secrets of Credit Repair: How to Fix Your Score and Erase Bad Debt: 6-Step Strategy

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Kiss your credit problems goodbye with this simple 6-step strategy for rebuilding your credit score.
Feel like your credit score is holding you back from having the things you need?

Afraid to touch your phone because the debt collectors keep calling you?

Want to finally
 shed all your debts and raise your credit score, so you can get on with your life?

If you’re struggling with poor credit and can’t seem to get any loans with 
reasonable interest rates, you’re not alone.

According to
 Experian’s Annual Credit Review, 16% of Americans have credit scores between 300 and 579, and another 18% have “fair” credit scores up to 669.

But even if you’re barely squeaking by with a “fair” credit score… it only takes one late payment to send your FICO score plummeting down.

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