Megan LaRussa – Women’s Fashion Stylest

Last updated: October 15th, 2017

Megan’s mission is to empower, educate and inspire women to dress for the life they desire by providing a fashion relevant wardrobe to fit the style of every client, as a wardrobe consultant to women, she has worked to customize and tailor the wardrobe of women through VIP coaching using her online style program, Style Yourself Chic, to help them look and thus feel their best by learning the language of style. Can you imagine how different the world would be if women spent less time stressing over what to wear, where to shop, and how to feel comfortable in their own skin more time radiating confidence and effortless style. Friendly fashion consultant lovingly guiding women all over the world to live fully and stylishly and is a firm believer in practicing what she preaches daily. Most trusted wardrobe consultant in USA. Megan is #1 professional wardrobe stylist for women. Contact her now.  

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