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About Wall Directory

Wall Directory is an online marketplace for shoppers to find coupons, deals and events for local businesses. It’s also a great place to review, engage and link to local website pages. Choose from 15 categories of businesses, from auto and entertainment to legal and medical. If it’s a deal you’re after, we have those for you. Our coupons listing will help you save money on all your favorite goods and services. And if you want access to all the best local events, we have those too. Wall Directory gives you access to everything local! We are a comprehensive business directory that puts you in touch with businesses that serve YOU in YOUR town. Where else can you connect with the businesses, deals and events that matter to you?

We Make it Easy to Navigate

With a simple to use platform, you can find what you need quickly and efficiently. If you are a business owner, you can connect with other similar business owners. And if you do own a business, why not find the plan that works for you on our Add a Business page? Choose from four convenient packages at all price points to address your needs and budget. In fact, we have a whole section devoted to businesses, where you can boost your business, add coupons, add deals, claim your business, verify your business and support local businesses all with the touch of a button.

So, come be a part of our business directory. Or search as a consumer. Whatever you need, we can help. Choose Wall Directory today!

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